June 1, 2012

The Blessings My Birthday Boy Brings

What a blessed girl I am!  Not only have I been given undeserved salvation from a God who owes me nothing, but that same God has provided everything I need and far more!  Today, I am celebrating the blessing of my first little boy.  Seven years ago, he was born and what a sweet blessing he has been to us!  Our little man is exactly that...little but trying so hard to be a man!  He copies his Daddy in everything - all the way down to buying little notebooks to keep in his pocket to make notes on! :)  

Mr. A has always been our laid back, easy going boy.  He loves his brothers and sisters but also enjoys his alone time.  He will almost always answer an adult not in words but with a huge smile that lights up his big clear blue eyes.  You can ask him anything, and he'll probably only smile....unless you ask him about tractors or big moving equipment.  Then, he'll have a LONG conversation with you.  Funny thing is, he has a lot of accurate information to share with you about all that stuff.  He can tell you how many yards of dirt he can haul in his Dad's dump truck, how many pounds he can carry on the semi, and how the levers work in an excavator.  Like I said, he's trying to be just like his Daddy! :)

Mr. A. teaches me a lot about "going with the flow."  No matter what's going on or how the plans change, he usually just goes right along.  He will work on something for hours, and his smile sends out beams for miles when he finally accomplishes the goal.  Mr. A also reminds me of how much our children watch us.  For the most part, our kids tend to be high-spirited and independent (some of you are probably thinking that is a mild way to put it), and Andrew possesses his fair share of those qualities, but Mr. A is our kiddo that copies the Mr. and I more than other of the others.  It's amazing how many things he has done that the Mr. and I never even realized WE did until Andrew began doing them! 

Mr. A also LOVES the dirt!  I have actually heard him say, "We can't stop working on this, Dad, 'cause we're not dirty yet!"  His belief is the dirtier he is, the harder he worked! :)  That's why his summer wardrobe consists only of white t-shirts and jeans with holes!

And so, today, I'm working on a front-loader birthday cake for my little seven year old man!  For his birthday, Dad is pulling out a four wheeler that will become his once they fix it up together.  Too quickly, I'm afraid it will be a car!  I'm so thankful my little blond-haired, blue eyed boy, and as I see him today, I'm reminded each time of how undeservedly blessed I am!  What a great God I have!

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