May 31, 2012

90 Day Bible Reading Challenge Begins Tomorrow

I am SOOOO excited about beginning the 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge and can not wait to begin!  I'd love to have more join with me.  I have one friend who already began the challenge, and one who is starting with me tomorrow!  Would you like to join?  Just let me know by commenting at the bottom or on my face book page.  Here are a few ideas to help this challenge be more effective to you:

1.  Begin with prayer.  Ask God to show you Himself through His Word.

2. Do not rush through the reading.  This really isn't about being able to say "I read the Bible in 90 days."  I want to make sure that everyone understands this.  Take the time to really soak in God's Word.  Each day, try to find one application from God's Word that you can carry with you the rest of the day.  My own personal goal is to write out one verse to carry with me through the day.  I would also like to try to list out the attributes of God as I see them in His Word.  You make your own goal though.  On the other hand...

3. You cannot analyze every verse and be successful in this challenge.  It will take a good hour to hour and a half to read each day.  This challenge isn't meant to be an in depth Bible study.  It is meant to provide you a quick, successive reading of the entire Bible so that you can grasp the "big picture" of all that God's Word has to offer you.

4. Set aside a specific time or times to fulfill your Bible reading.  My own times are during my morning quiet times and during my kiddos' afternoon quiet times.  Don't forget that Saturdays and Sundays are also included in this plan!  So, plan for reading times on weekends as well!

Here is the link to the 90 Day Bible Reading Plan that I will be using.  I'm so excited to begin this new challenge, and I will be praying for those of you who are joining me.  Let's be faithful stewards of our time this summer, and use it wisely to grow closer to Him!  

On a totally different note....I finished my kitchen curtains...well, for one window!  Someone who flies by the seat of her pants occasionally forgets to measure the window before purchasing the material.  That said someone stood at the counter for a good many minutes estimating and calculating and overall looking like she probably did not really have a clue as to what she was trying to do.  Said someone finally took the plunge and purchased the material and was literally inches short of having enough and so then had to go buy more material yesterday.  Yep...that's so me!!!  I LOVE the curtain I finished though!  It is so cute and exactly what I was looking for.  It adds so much pop to my kitchen, and believe me, I need a lot of pop to motivate me in my kitchen!  Here's a picture of my finished product! :)

Sorry about the bright spot in the middle.  Said person is not a very good photographer! :)  Not too shabby with the curtains, though! :)  

Today is catch up day for me!  We have had so much fun this last week, and I still have much to tell you about.  But I will save it for later.  I have lots of laundry to catch up on and plenty of housework calling my name.  Tomorrow is Mr. A's birthday, and then most of Saturday we will be celebrating at a wedding.  So, we still have much left to accomplish in this week!  

I pray you have a wonderful day celebrating the little things in life!   Don't forget to begin the 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge tomorrow!  Praying for you!

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