June 15, 2012

90 Day Bible Reading Day 15

Good Friday morning, Everyone!!!  I am pumped and ready to go this morning!  Aren't you just thankful that God gives us the opportunity to sleep (even though it may interrupted) and begin a fresh new day?   His mercies are new every morning!  His faithfulness is beyond my understanding, but I am so thankful for it!

Today is update day for the 90 Day Bible Reading.  I feel so guilty admitting that I am still behind, but I also can't lie about it.  SO....I am only on Day 10!  It seems I always get started on it fairly well, but then I only get about half of it read.  A friend of mine pointed out to me that Satan is probably working overtime in trying to prevent me from reaching this goal, and I really hadn't though about that.  So, you know what?  I am more determined than ever to catch up and stay on top!!!  So, I am changing a few things in my day to day routine to make more room for reading the Bible.  I will press on, and I hope by next Friday to be on Day 22 with you!  

If you are behind as well, please don't feel pressured to catch up.  If you want to and have the time to, go ahead.  If you can't, and it is making your life more stressful, just do what you can.  This is a time consuming commitment, I understand!  God sees our hearts, and that is what He is interested in! If you don't mind leaving a comment and letting me know how it's going, I'd love to hear!  I am praying for us each day that God would help us to keep our commitment to Him and His Word! I am not a huge fan of CCM, but I heard this song on the car radio, and it encouraged me as I was battling my frustration with achieving my reading goals.  I pray it will be a blessing to you as well!  Wishing you all a wonderful Friday full of blessings!

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