April 4, 2012

Answering the Hard Questions

Two things have been lacking in our house this week: 1) sleep and 2) motivation! It's funny how the two seem to be so closely related! ;) Last night, the newbie finally slept decently again, and so we are praying for a more motivated day today! How are your Easter plans coming? Have you been able to set aside time for some special reflection on this great event? I hope so! Our Easter time this year has been made even more meaningful by the passing of a dear family friend. The Mr. and I have had to answer several deep questions. As soon as we received a phone call saying that our friend was on his way to the hospital in an ambulance, the kids and I stopped to pray - each of taking a turn. A short while later, we received another phone call saying that our friend went to Heaven. It's challenging to answer the little 6 year old who says, "But Mom, we prayed and asked God to make him better! Why didn't God make him better?" Or to answer the 5 year old who asks, "Why do we bury him if he is in Heaven?" Or the really challenging question from the 8 year old, "What is a soul, Mom? What does it look like?" I'm so thankful for the hope of Heaven and the reality of God's Word. It has been a great opportunity for the Mr. and I to point our children to God's sacrificial and unconditional love for us, and it has been a great reminder to us that the power of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ has given us so much to live for right now and to look forward to in the future. Praying you have a day full of blessings as you walk in power of our Risen Lord!

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