March 30, 2012

Our Miscellaneous Week!

It's been a busy week here at our house! For some unknown reason, I assumed that I would be able to paint a bedroom in only one day. Hmmmm.....five days later, and I'm barely halfway done. I have five little reasons to blame....:) Mostly the newbie this time. Poor little guy has terrible eczema, and I am discovering that the worse his eczema is, the fussier he is, and the more tummy troubles he has. I'm fairly certain it's related to something I am eating, but I have not been able to find the culprit(s) yet. He has been miserable the last couple of days, though. Our church has also had special services this week, and so we have been leaving home each evening around 5:30 and not returning until around 10:00 at night! Long nights, but wonderful messages and well worth the time!

Well, to add to all that, we also need to throw in the Mr.'s birthday! Thankfully, the Mr. hates birthdays, and so our lack of celebration did not bother him at all! :) His birthday was on Wednesday, and except for church service, I don't think we saw the man! We made up for it Thursday night, though, and spent the evening resting up at home. I made his favorite...homemade spaghetti! He's not a huge cake fan, and so I went against all tradition and made raspberry cobbler. The Mr. loved it. The kids are still asking, "Where's the cake?"

I just have to pause here and say that I love the man God gave me with all my heart. I'm so thankful that I had parents who encouraged me to wait for the right man that God wanted me to have. I'm thankful that we were not raised with the boyfriend/girlfriend philosophy. That's not to say I didn't have a few crushes growing up, but I never gave my heart to anyone until I met my Mr.! If there is one thing I want my daughters to know it's that they don't need to worry about impressing guys or even finding the right guy. Their most important priority needs to be their relationship with their Savior. If that is right, all is well, and they can trust that God will provide everything they need (including a man) at just the time they need it. One of my new favorite quotes:

A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek him just to find her.
~Max Lucado

That can apply to us married women too, but this is definitely one that my little ladies are going to hear a lot!

Well, today we are heading off to our big town around here for some serious Easter shopping! This is always a huge event for us girls! The boys are still trying to talk the Mr. into letting them go to work with him for the day. We shall see... :)

I hope this post makes a wee bit of sense. I'm writing it at 4:45 am. TOOOOOO much Mountain Dew yesterday! :) (Serious sign of old age!!!) Hope you all have a fantabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead! Enjoy every moment you have and find a reason to celebrate today! :)

More of God's undeserved graces to me:
41. Birthday celebrations
42. Preachers who preach the Word
43. God's faithful working in my heart despite all of my unfaithfulness to Him
44. Conversations with my little 5 year old man...they always bring a smile!
45. A team of people who came into our church and fed our children's spiritual appetites - such Godly truths they were being taught this week!
46. A fresh coat of paint on a wall...despite the work and interruptions
47. My kiddos love of reading
48. God working in the lives of two of our friends. Pray for them if God lays it on your heart. They were so close to coming to our services. We're going to tackle them for Easter now! :)
49. The rain that leaves the air so clean!
50. Spring time!

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