April 12, 2012

Life Is for Relationships

Hi, my lovely friends who are so good and kind to stop by and read my ramblings. It's been a few days since I've been able to stop and take the time to think....much less write! When I have had a chance to think (I do occasionally do this), God keeps bringing my thoughts back to relationships. I need to stop and give a little background here. I love being with people that I know really well. As a matter of fact, I really don't like being alone at all. But there is nothing in the world I am more uncomfortable doing than meeting new people and getting to know them. I do not enjoy it all. For years, I would always look around and wish that people would be my friend and take time to ask me over to their house. (This would be the selfish, immature me!) A few years ago, God finally decided He had enough of my little pity parties and knocked me over the side of the head with some common sense! One day, I was suddenly struck with the idea that I cannot have a friend or be someone's friend if I am not available or willing to reach out to others. I know! I know! This is REALLY elementary, but it took me SOOOO long to truly grasp this!

This last week, as we said goodbye for the last time on earth to a dear elderly friend of ours, I was again reminded of how little or how much of an impact we can leave behind when we die. At the funeral of our friend, the young men were asked to stand along the walls because our church (which holds almost 300 people) was overflowing. This was a man who made people and relationships his priority in life. And his legacy still continues through us. I left his funeral thinking, "I want my life to count! I want to open my life up to be available to people and their needs! I want to leave that kind of legacy behind!" This man left a rich legacy behind for his family and friends!

I encourage you as I have encouraged myself this week. Take time for people! Nurture wonderful relationships! Take care of your relationship with God first! Make sure there is never a wall between you and Your Creator! Love Him with all of your heart, and then follow the example He gave through His Son Jesus! Love people! Bend over backwards for them! Forgive them, and then forgive them again! Reach out to the ones who are hurting. Don't be a part of cliques. Make everyone you come in contact with feel like they are the most important person in your life at that moment! Don't look at people as interruptions. See them as opportunities. Step out of your comfort zone and build relationships. We cannot take anything with us when we leave this earth. Why not leave behind a legacy overflowing with love and grace given freely to every person you meet?

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