April 16, 2012

Coffee and Conversation from the Heart - 4/16/12

I thought I would invite all of you over for a cup of coffee today. That way, we could catch up and share bits of our hearts. If you were to come to my house for a cup of coffee today, I would race to meet you at the front porch and not let you enter into my humble little abode. Sounds like a great way to start a coffee date, but it's the truth! I would tell you all about my idealistic dreams of painting a room in 5 or 6 hours, and then I would tell you that I didn't know what made me think I would be able to do that. I would tell you how every toy that my children own (which thankfully aren't as many as some have) is piled in my living room so that I could paint the toy shelves as well. I would also tell you about the crazy idea of mine to have a laundry marathon where I washed about 7 loads of laundry, but didn't finish the marathon, and it is all piled on the couch waiting to be folded and put away.

I would tell you how much I love my family and how I wish I had realized much sooner what beautiful gifts I have been given through each of them. I would tell you of my newly found passion for getting to know each of my children in a personal and very real way so that I can reach their hearts and disciple them in following Jesus. I would tell you how excited I am about homeschooling my kiddos and some of the new things that I want to try with them this summer. I would humorously refer to Miss E and Mr. A as my "guinea pigs" in this thing called homeschooling.

I would tell you how the Mr. laughed at me at lunch as he looked around at all this ridiculous mess and heard my speech on optimism. He told me that for every optimist there has to be a realist who is willing to come and rescue them! He is so right, and I'm so very thankful that he is my rescuer.

I would also tell you how excited I am about a challenge I am going to take up this summer to read through the entire Bible in 90 days! I have never done this before, and I really don't even know if I'll be able to. But I do know I'll never know unless I try. I might would even ask if you'd like to try it with me and help me stay accountable to my goal.

I would want to hear about you and what all is going on in your life. I would love listening to your everyday happenings - the challenges you are facing, the goals you are reaching for, and the prayers you are praying. The best part of our cup of coffee on the porch would be the sweet time of sharing our hearts and then praying together so that we could share our hearts with the One who loves us most.

Then, I would give you a hug, walk you to your car and make sure you knew how to get back to civilization (because we really do live in the middle of nowhere). I would walk slowly back into my ridiculously messy house and thank God very sincerely that you never actually saw the house, and then I'd go to the back and start painting....again...for just a few minutes before one of my kiddos needed me again.

And that....would be our coffee date. I think I kind of like these! :)

Hey! Have a great Monday, why don't you? And while you're at it, don't forget to count all the little blessings God has you covered you with today!

More of God's graces to me:

51. A washing machine - can you imagine hand washing all these clothes?
52. That God's grace is bigger than all my mistakes and sin
53. The comfort and peace of God when saying good bye to a friend
54. My kids love each other and really are each others' best friends
55. Our Moms and Munchkins meetings
56. The opportunity to 'remodel' my house!
57. I met another homeschooling Mom who lives in our area yesterday! This is the first one I've met since I began homeschooling 5 years ago!
58. Talks with friends who challenge me in my walk with Christ
59. An upcoming date night with my Mr. We haven't had a 'going out' date in a LONG time!
60. The exersaucer which keeps my little newbie entertained despite the dr.'s warning that "due to the large size of his head, he may not be able to enjoy being in the upright position quite yet!" (hee hee - THAT made me laugh! Yes, my newbie's head is quite large, but it's quite adorable too!)

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