January 18, 2012

Grace That Will Cover

As I sit and hold my sweet little one, I love to smell his sweet baby smell. I love to watch his little lips make that sucking motion and see his smile as he dreams sweet baby dreams. I try to drink in every quiet moment I have with this little one because I know how short this time will be.

As I sit and hold my sweet little one, I am slammed by the overwhelming responsibility God has given me. He has entrusted me with one of the most precious gifts he could ever give - a human life! Not just any human life but one fashioned and molded and made especially for this family! A sweet little life who is born a sinner but still possesses so much innocence. A clean slate ready to be written upon. An entire lifetime waiting to be experienced. And God has given me the privilege of being the first to write on this little one's heart, to guide him through his first experiences, to show him a picture of God and His love for him.

As I sit and hold my sweet little one, I become crushed with doubts! How can I make sure I do everything the right way? How can I never make any mistakes with this little one? How can I give him the perfect life and show him God's perfect love. I become more and more overwhelmed, and I find myself holding this little one tighter and tighter because I know I cannot give him everything he needs, and I can never show him fully what God's perfect love is.

As I sit and hold my sweet little one, I suddenly hear the soft voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to me.
"Yes, I have given you this life. He is your gift from me, but He is still mine. I created him, and I love him far more than you do. I know more about him than you do, and I can do more for him than you could ever dream of doing. You cannot do this on your own, but My grace is sufficient. My love is measureless. My faithfulness...unending. In your weakness, my power and strength are revealed. My grace will cover you and your shortcomings if only you will place this little one into My hands."
As I sit and hold my sweet little one, I picture myself gently laying him in the sweet arms of Jesus, and I watch them as they both smile. I thank my God for reminding me of His grace - His amazing grace - so undeserved but so freely given. Grace that will cover my failures and draw my little one to Him.


  1. Dear Little Mom, This blog today was especially touching! I was thinking ahead as I was reading along the same lines!It is our God that delivers, our God that enables, our God that provides, our God that blesses, and sweetie He has blessed you with an amazing talent for forming your thoughts, the thoughts that He has given to you, on paper to provoke others to good works! He will guide you through each step of caring for those He has entrusted to your care! It seems the ones that have been entrusted to you, Christy, are not just your little ones but each of us that share your blog;-) You are doing a great job of putting down those thoughts to bless our hearts, provoke us to good works, and make our Lord "smile"~~Have an amazing day working for HIM!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Christy!