March 21, 2012

A Blessing That Made Me Cry and a Book Review

Why are we so amazed and surprised when God gives us something? Why are we so shocked when He sends encouragement our way? Why do we ask for so little with so little faith? Psalm 145:16 says that Thou (God) openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing. All throughout Scripture, God tells us of how he longs to bless us and fulfill our hearts' desires and give us life abundant. And yet, I found myself in tears this morning when I discovered that God had (in a round about and very God-like way) given me one of the desires of my heart.

A couple of months ago, I was introduced to an author named Sally Clarkson. I had never heard of her before, but after I read three pages of her book The Ministry of Motherhood, I felt as though we were kindred spirits. I have read A LOT of books on motherhood, and I always learn so much, but for me, Sally's books have had extra special meaning. She is a mother of four who homeschooled all of her children, and they are proof that what she has done and is teaching others to do works! If you are a mom, you MUST read The Ministry of Motherhood.

In the book, Sally covers each of the five LifeGifts that she and her husband passed down to her children. They are the gifts of Grace, Inspiration, Faith, Training and Service. Clay's and Sally's entire philosophy of parenting their children was based on discipleship - teaching, training and nurturing their children the same way Jesus did with his disciples. She breaks each gift down into short devotional style chapters that include excellent examples and practical ways to use each gift in your family. Each gift also begins with a story of how Jesus demonstrated it to his disciples. If the desire of your heart is to see your children grow in grace and wisdom and then to pass that on to others in their lives, then this book is for you!

Sally also writes a blog and hosts several conferences each year for moms. This brings me to the blessing that made me cry. Because I just found out about Sally, I did not know she hosted conferences for moms until they were almost here. I was seriously looking to buy a plane ticket to Texas three days before the conference there (which was the last one she had scheduled for this year). I couldn't find a ticket even close to reasonable, and so I decided I would just have to begin making plans for next year. However, Sally announced on her blog today, that they are going to make available for purchase all of her seminars that she has done - not only this year, but for the last FIFTEEN YEARS since she first began this ministry! Can I just say I have my listening material covered for a good little while! I looked quickly at the website, and it looks like you can purchase most of the sessions for $2.99 each, and I guarantee you will walk away with a lot of inspiration for being a better mom!

I am so thankful for the older moms in my life who have taken the time to encourage and mentor me. I think of my own mom who was a wonderful example of all a mother should be and of the encouragement she offers me. I think of my pastor's wife who never has anything negative to say about my parenting despite all the antics she sees my children pulling! And I am so thankful for the many, many others who encourage and pray and continue to exemplify godliness in their mothering. So, if you're a mommy who's struggling with the "everydayness of mommyhood," (I just totally spazzed out the spell check), go get some inspiration at the links below.

Sally's blog link:
Sally's facebook page:
The link to purchase the audio recording (the ones I purchased were downloadable):


  1. I love that you posted this Christy! We have more in common than we know! I actually wanted to go to her conference as well but I'm going to an adoption conference this year so I hope to look into it next year . We should make plans to go together! If you loved Ministry of Motherhood then you definitely need to read Mission of Motherhood by is awesome! I have several of her books if you want to borrow. I was so excited when I saw that post on her blog as well..what a resource!

    1. I would love to go with you, Callie! We just need to put it on the calendar right now! Confession: I've already started the Mission of Motherhood and have bought most of her books. They're sitting on the bookshelf waiting to be read. My reading time is so limited right now, but summer is almost here!:) I hope you're having a wonderful time at your adoption conference. Praying for you!

    2. For some reason I didn't get your reply here, but it sounds like we definitely need to plan on the conference! :) I understand about the limited reading time....I am happy if I can squeeze in 2 pages here and there..and I only have 1 kiddo right now! I even confess to grabbing my book when I run to the bathroom so I can get at least 1 page in! ha! (And I thought only guys did that!)