March 22, 2012

Proverbs and the Kiddos

Just thought I'd pass along a new idea that we've been trying in our house for the last month. The Mr. and I both believe that the book of Proverbs is an extremely important book for our children to become very familiar with, but we also realized that we needed to become more familiar with it as well so that we can teach them to our children. Last month, we began reading a chapter of Proverbs each day...well, with five kiddos at the breakfast table (because the newbie also thinks he needs to join us even though he doesn't eat "big food" yet), that goal lasted for an entire half of a chapter! We quickly found out that there is too much information in Proverbs to truly be able to digest an entire chapter in a day. And so, we read 10 verses from a chapter each day. For example, today is March 22, we read Proverbs 22:1-10. On April 22, we will read Proverbs 22:11-20 (or the end of the chapter if it is less than 20 verses). At the end of each reading, the mr. and I choose a verse to focus on, and I write it on our kitchen window with Crayola's awesome Window Crayons or Markers! The kids LOVE this part, and I really believe this is the reason we have been so consistent. They think it is SOOOO cool that we get to write on the window! I also catch my 8 year reading the verse almost every time she walks through the kitchen! We try...although we haven't been as consistent at this as we say the verse together at each meal, and I also try to bring it to their attention as it applies to situations in our every day life. Anyway, just thought I'd share another way to put Scripture continuously in front of your family. How do you bring Scripture into your family's every day life? I'd love to hear! Now, the kiddos and I are heading off to the park to enjoy an absolutely gorgeous spring day! I'm looking forward to counting all the little blessings God has given me while I soak up some sun!
Yes, I realize this isn't my kitchen window, but the view is much better out this window....and there's no crack in it! :)

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