March 3, 2012

God Has a Plan!

Sooo.....the love of my life has left me for a long weekend at a Men's Retreat! I am so glad he gets to do this, but it does rather make for a little extra craziness when the Mr. doesn't come home in the evenings! I wasn't expecting to hear from him at all on this trip because he is out of cell phone range, but on Thursday evening, he was able to find "some bars" and made a quick call ask a favor! I'm not quite sure what are considered to be "normal" favors for husbands to ask of their wives, but I've come to the conclusion, that I don't think my husband ever asks a "normal" favor. For instance, this time he sweetly asked if I would go feed the goats because he forgot to. This doesn't seem like a huge deal, but really people, it takes all I can muster to feed my five children! The Mr. keeps the goats on the other side of our property, and I really don't even remember that they exist. Therefore, I know nothing of feeding the goats. So...over the phone at 10 PM, the sweet Mr. is explaining to me where the food is, how much to give them, and when, etc. Well...the wind was howling 30 mph (no exaggeration), it was dark out, and the newbie was screaming at the top of his lungs. So, the Mr. sweetly allowed me to wait until morning to feed them. :)

Friday morning, I go out to feed the goats. The Mr. keeps the wheat in a huge plywood box, and of course, the feed is getting low, and so, guess who had to pull the lid off the box and JUMP INTO THE BOX to get the feed out? Apparently, my arms are much shorter than the Mr.'s! I kid you not when I say that as I am trying to crawl out of the box the mail lady pulls into our driveway to deliver a package! She's honking her horn for us to come get the package, and I am stuck in the box of wheat! I finally crawl out of the box (with my shoes now full of wheat) , have a nice chit chat with the mail lady and then proceed to walk to the other side of the property through the still blowing 30 mph wind. Some of my children were following me. I think they realized this would be a once in a lifetime experience - watching Momma feed the goats!

We arrived at the spot where the goats are chained, and I began searching for the pans to put the food in. In the 30 mph hour wind and through the little bit of snow left on the ground, I walked 'round and 'round and could NOT find those pans anywhere! patience was quickly leaving. After shouting through the wind three different times at Mr. A (who apparently cannot hear in 30 mph winds) to see if he knew where his "father" put the pans (you know I'm upset when I refer to the Mr. as "father"), I finally gave up on receiving his help and continued to walk aimlessly around looking for the pans. I got tangled up in one of the goat's chains and almost landed on my backside in the snow! But, it was at that moment of trying to catch my balance that I finally found the pans! By this time, I was more than just a little irritated, and I was freezing cold! I fed the goats and stomped back home.

By the way, did I mention yet that while I was feeding the goats, the kiddos were getting themselves into the car so that we could leave for town? I jumped into the car, looked in the rear view mirror and scared myself with the new "do" the wind had given me! We were running late now, though, and so I had no time to go inside and repair the damage. Off we went, with one crazy hair momma fuming as we drove down the road.

As I was fuming all the way down our little dirt road, I began to think that many times we as Christians say that God KNOWS everything that is happening in our lives, but suddenly, it occurred to me that God also PLANS everything that is happening in our lives...even down to the smallest, silliest things! Yes, God knew that my Mr. would need me to feed the goats, and He knew that it would turn into an irritating event, but He also had it PLANNED! He had a reason for me feeding those goats...I'm not really quite sure what it was, and I really don't need to over analyze and try to figure out the reason for His plan in every little thing...but just knowing and resting in the fact that God is sovereign, not just in the big things in life but also in the small things, should help me approach every situation in my life with a different perspective! What can I learn from this situation? Why did God put this in my path right now at this moment? What does God have in mind for me? God has a reason for every little thing that comes our direction...whether it is a lesson we need to learn or an opportunity to see Him work...He has a reason and a plan for everything - big AND small - all the way from the death of a loved one to another glass of spilled milk on a freshly mopped floor! So, the next time a frustrating moment comes your way, rest in the knowledge that God planned this moment just for you. You may never know why, but have faith that God is using this moment to do something special in your life. Will you waste it or use it?

More of God's Graces to Me:

21. Lunch with a wonderful friend
22. Safety for my friends and family during the storms
23. Testimonies of wonderful Christians who are enduring great sorrow but staying faithful to God
24. So many resources to get fun and helpful ideas for homeschooling
25. God's sovereignty in every detail of my life
26. Trips to the library with my kiddos
27. The loads of laundry sitting on my couch ready to be folded - it's proof that I have loads of people to love me!
28. Cameras-so that I can keep memories of many wonderful things
29. Hearing Miss E. practice the piano
30. The beautiful snowfall we had this week

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