February 29, 2012

An Extraordinary Testimony

It has snowed here today. Only a very little bit, but it is still snow. My little munchkins are all out playing in it, and I'm sitting in my comfy chair with a warm fire and a hot cup of coffee enjoying their laughter. Today, I am especially grateful for my kiddos and all the laughter, and messes, and fun, and messes, and kisses, and even more messes they bring into my life. I'm especially thankful today because I know of one family who has spent this last week grieving because their little three year old daughter will never kiss them again or say "I love you" again or even make another mess for them to clean up.

I have never met this missionary family, but the testimony that they have shared through this time of unbelievable sorrow in their life has made me see how very blessed I am and how very ashamed I should be when I complain to myself about all the messes my five children bring me. Take a minute to connect to this link and watch this father's extraordinary testimony as He tells about his little girl and the burden he continues to have for the lost people in this world. I am more certain today than ever before that God is sovereign. He has a plan for each of us, and He will give us strength and grace to accomplish His plan...even if that plan includes bringing our children back home to Him. After you have watched this video, would you take a minute to pray for this family and to give to God anything you have been keeping back from Him? He can use us in such wonderful ways if we will be willing. Is there anything in your life that is keeping God from using you to be a part of His wonderful plan?

Part 2: Father Speaks About Loss Of 3-Year-Old - Video - WXII The Triad

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