August 17, 2012

What Our "School Room" Looks Like

I'm squeaking in at the very last minute to get this posted with the Not Back to School Blog Hop. Alas, that seems to be the story of my life! :)  This week we are sharing what our school rooms look like.  As I was trying to organize and sort through everything, I quickly realized that my less than 1200 square foot humble abode is apparently shrinking!!!  It took me an entire day (well, with lots of interruptions from the newbie who has decided that since the other 4 kids are gone, he needs ALL of mom's attention!) to figure out where to put everything! Many of our books are still in boxes.  I took some very strategic pictures (strategic in that they do not show any of the clutter and mess surrounding my newly organized area) of our "school room."

The first picture shows our school shelves.  Each grade has their own shelf with Mom's being the top two.  It's very ironic that they are the ones in school, but my shelves have the most books! ;)  We also use the desk for one of the two older ones.  We discovered last year that Miss E and Mr. A can get somewhat off track when they are too close to each other.  (That would be putting it mildly!)

The next picture has our table for the littles - Mr. G (5) and Miss M (4).  They are excited about using their very own table that is just their size.  Behind them is our craft/miscellaneous book shelf.  (Please pardon the coat rack.)

Our couch and kitchen table are the places we work at most.  Because the couch was a little buried at the moment, I thought I'd share a picture of our lovely table!  Nothing says home like the kitchen table! I actually had someone ask me who was going to keep the newbie while I taught the rest of the kids!!!  Well, obviously part of the reason I homeschool is so that I can be with my children all day; however, there are days that would be a dream.  Instead, this is the newbie's contribution to our homeschooling!

This is the new thing I am looking forward to using the most. I use it to write down anything I don't want to forget.  The kids don't care for it so much because a) they are not allowed to write on it or erase it and b) I write down extra chores/consequences that need to be fulfilled. (Hence, came the no erasing rule!)

Lastly, I had to show you what made me the coolest mom in town (according to the kids!).  I am the owner of a...rubber band ball!!! Yes, that's what makes me cool!  I'm so thankful my kiddos are still easy to convince!  And yes, I have a weakness for cute little sticky notes, but of course, if you're a mom, you know that more than half of them will be "used" by the kiddos.  I am also a mother "of very little brain" and use them a great deal! So I buy lots when they are on sale! 

Well, I'm off to finish up some more things around the house!  If you do not hear from me for the next little while, you may assume that I have been overwhelmed by school!  Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. Teensy Weensy rooms are my favorite. We also get most of our schooling done right at the dining room table. :) Stopped by ihomeschool. :)