August 23, 2012

A Word Picture of My Students

Today, I am linking up with the Not Back to School Blog Hop.  We are putting up pics of our kiddos' first day "back to school."  I'm being a little tricky though!  The Mr. doesn't care too much for my posting pics of our family all over the internet, and to tell you the real truth of the matter, I am NOT a you really aren't missing out on too much!  I AM going to take the kids' pictures tomorrow evening (once I get the laundry folded so we can actually find something decent to wear!), but for now, I thought I would give you, the blogging world,  a word picture of my five little kiddos.  (We have to include the newbie because for one, he's just too cute not to include, and another because truly he is beginning to learn what is probably the most important lesson of all - obedience!). 

Student Number One is Miss E.  Miss E is a fast and independent learner.  I can explain something to her once and usually leave her to complete it alone.  Last year, we did have a terrible time with math, and she began to have a few "issues" with school.   All summer long, she continued with the "issues."  As a matter of fact, Miss E's "issues" are what put me on the research wagon to find different ways to homeschool kids and give them a LOVE for learning!  I am so thankful for all the different paths that God guided me through to bring me to the place I am today!  Her writing assignment for today was to write half a page of what she thought about her first week in fourth grade.   She wrote: "I have had a fun time and I'm telling the truth! (You can tell she's a little surprised herself!)  It has been fun!....Math is the BEST!"  What?  Do my eyes see correctly?  I have been on cloud ONE HUNDRED AND NINE today!  This has been such a WONDERFUL and HUGE answer to a prayer I have been praying for MONTHS!!!  Thank you, God, for hearing my prayers and answering them in Your time.

Student Number Two is Mr. A.  He is in 2nd grade this year.  He's my laid back, "Can I go outside with Daddy yet?" student.  He loves all things outdoors.  As a matter of fact, I was explaining to Miss E yesterday all the different things you can study at college, and Mr. A let all of us women know that he was going to study hunting! :)  However, as much as he loves being with Dad and staying outside, he did a great job in 1st grade and has begun 2nd grade with a wonderful attitude.  He has jumped right in as though we never even had a summer break, and he hasn't even made a fuss over penmanship...yet!  

Student Number Three is Mr. G.  He's my busy, cannot sit still nor be quiet to save his life 5 year old!  He has done amazingly well though!  He is enjoying his Math and Phonics time and quickly learning his letters and their sounds.  So that I can keep order to the day, I have a Quiet Box for him and Miss M to play with when they are not in school, and so far, he has even handled his quiet time well.  Biggest struggle....Bible time!  As I said, the child cannot sit still to save his life.  We are working on this, but I have a feeling I will still be saying this when he's 16!

Student Number Four is Miss M who is my sweet, cuddly but somewhat attitude-ish 4 year old.  I decided to try to teach her along with Mr. G after realizing that as much as she loves the newbie and tries to take care of him, it is an impossibility for her.  I have never seen a child who can make another child annoyed so quickly!  Bless her pea-pickin' heart!  She has great intentions,'s just not happening!  She has jumped right into school and LOVES it!  She was the one who was counting down the "sleeps" until school started, and she is the one who gives me a great big hug almost every day and says, "Kanks (thanks), Mom, for letting me go to school!"  So far, she is staying right up with Garrett, and as long as she is interested, we'll keep going!

Student Number Fivc is the newbie - my sweet, easy going little 9 month old!  No one could ask for a better baby.  Beginning school has been great for him because he no longer has older brothers and sisters interrupting his nap or hauling him around for no apparent reason!  He usually sleeps from about 9:30- 11:00, and we are able to get much of our schooling done during that time.  He then spends the rest of the time floating between the playpen, the exersaucer and my lap.  Even with teething and a slight fever, he has been a super trooper!

All in all, our first week of school has been a huge success!!! This is the first year since I've taught more than Miss E that I feel like it may be possible to finish the year! :)  I am sure...absolutely sure...that we will still have our fair share of bumps along the way, but I have been so encouraged by how things are starting off!  It's almost one of those...This is a little too good, something really bad is going to happen soon....things!!! But, we won't go there! For now, I'll enjoy every minute I possibly can of this wonderful blessing God has given me!  And...tomorrow's FRIDAY! ;)

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