August 27, 2012

A Day in the Life of Our Homeschooling

I have a question that I would LOVE for any and all to help me with.  I have completely changed the way I homeschool - leaving the world of textbooks and "regular school"- and I am now teaching using the Charlotte Mason living book method.  However, I am finding that many of the excellent quality books that are recommended, our library does not carry - even through their interlibrary loan program.  Is there a book swap out there?  Do you have a great place to buy used books?  I am just not finding a lot of options except buying brand new through Amazon or used through  I would love to buy all of our books, but money or space does not allow for that.  Please let me hear how you work this in your family!

Well, it's MONDAY!!!  Are you ready for the week?  I have found that whether my week dies or survives is determined by how well I spend my Saturday!  I almost always enjoy a lazy Saturday morning, but if I stretch the laziness past morning, my week is doomed!!!  The rest of Saturday I try to spend preparing for the next week - making sure the laundry is caught up, planning my menu, making my priority to-do list, putting the house in order and now, since school has begun, planning out the next school week.

Today, I am linking up again with the Not Back to School Blog Hop, and we are sharing what a Day in Our Life looks like! (I would add what a day in our Crazy, Mixed Up, Somewhat Random Life looks like!) We have already completed our first week of school, and I was thrilled with how well my schedule worked!  It has been several years since I have had such a successful first week of school! YAY!!!  There were a couple of small things that I am going to adjust, but overall, this schedule seemed to fit our family very well!  Because I have 5 kiddos who are 9 and younger, and they all still need me right there with them during most or all of their schooling, I keep a fairly rigid schedule.  As they grow more independent, I am hoping to lessen the rigidity. Also, just a disclaimer...this schedule is not always followed to a T.  Part of the greatness of homeschooling is the flexibility it gives us, but for the most part, this is what works best for us. So here it is!


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