May 24, 2012

Patience, Prayer and the Sewing Machine!

We are getting back into the swing of things here at our place!  I am glad to be settling back into a routine and am finally able to enjoy all the little things we accomplished in our home these last couple of months.  I have one more project left, and I am going to attempt to accomplish it today.  However, much to my dismay, it involves a sewing machine!!!  Yes, peoples, I am going to pull out the sewing machine and attempt to sew some very simple kitchen curtains.  I have looked and looked and looked for the "perfect color" in the stores and have given up.  So, today's them myself!  This is monumental for me because I'm doing it while the Mr. isn't here to help me out of my jams!  (Believe it or not, he probably does a better job than I do at sewing.  He sewed the zippers on my bridesmaid's dresses!)  A true test of Christ-likeness will take place here today! I avoid the sewing machine at all costs because it usually ends up being a comedy show for the Mr. (who laughs while I mumble under my breath, slam things around, talk rather loudly to an inanimate object, and finally stomp away!!!)!  I guess we'll see how it can tell I'm procrastinating, can't you?

This month in my quiet times, I have been reading the book A Woman Who Reflects the Heart of Jesus by Elizabeth George.  It is a very simple read, and there aren't a lot of new thoughts in it, but it has given many wonderful reminders of the Savior I am supposed to be like as I live out my every day life.  As if God knew what I had planned for the day, what chapter do you suppose I should read but the one entitled "Patience!" (I love God's sense of humor!)  This chapter pointed out the advantage that prayer brings when faced with the need for patience in a situation or with other people.  Many times, we speak or act before we even think...much less before we take the time to pray.  I was reminded today that I need to spend more time praying and less time reacting.  As we go through our days, let's make sure we stop and pray before we speak.  Those few seconds of prayer may save us from a lifetime of regret.  If you're looking for a simple read, you may want to check out the rest of this book.  It has definitely challenged me to be more like Jesus.

Well, I do believe I have procrastinated long enough...I'm off to pull out the sewing machine.  I'm being my usual idealistic self and hoping this will be quick and painless.   While I exercise much prayer and patience at the sewing machine, I'll wish you a day filled with blessings and laughter and love!  

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