May 11, 2012

Two Special Moms

Sorry to have been so MIA here lately.  We have been busy on top of busy this last week, but it has been a satisfyingly good busy to see so many things being marked off that ugly old to-do list!  We still have several major yard projects that we would like to do, but we are going to save those for next month.  I think we have been able to do all of the inside projects. Now, I just need to catch up on the laundry...I see another marathon in the near future! UGH!

I could not let Mother's Day pass by without saying a special "I love you" to my Mom.  I'm so thankful that God gave me a Mom who put her family before herself.  My mom had six of us heatherns, and I really don't ever remember her raising her voice or complaining or asking us to give her a break! :)  I do remember her swatting me on the behind with a hairbrush a couple of times, but I'm sure it was much deserved! :)  My Mom is the most patient person I know.  I always think of her when I'm about ready to go AWOL!  Every day that I am a Mom, I appreciate my Mom even more.  I realize how much she sacrificed so that she could help me become who I am today.  I'm so thankful that my Mom chose to go above and beyond what society expected from a mom, and instead, lived by what God expected.  I love you, Mom, and I'm so glad God gave me to you!

I also cannot let  Mother's Day go by without saying a special "thank you" to my Mother-in-law!  Just like my Mom, she devoted her time to raising six other heatherns, and one of them turned out perfect...well, almost! :)  He's perfect for me in every way, and I can't imagine my life without my sweet Mr.  I'm so thankful for the time that my MIL invested into her him, teaching him, loving him.  Without her, I would definitely not have the Mr. I have today, and so I say a big thank you.  As I am raising my sons, I am often reminded that I am investing my life not only into them, but also into the lives of their future wives.  I pray that my influence will be just as lasting and as sweet as my MIL's has been! 
By the way, I also have to mention that I have the greatest Dad in the world who sent me the sweetest Mother's Day card that made me cry....just like he does every year! :) Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommies out there!  I pray you have a wonderful weekend with your family.  Take the time to count your little blessings!  They are everywhere and in everything if we'll only look.

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