April 18, 2013

Some Good Blog Reads

I have read several great posts by other bloggers this week, and because nothing wonderfully inspirational is coming to mind today, I thought I'd just pass a few of these along!  Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Thursday.  The sunshine finally came back to visit us!  YAY for Vitamin D! :)  

How Grace Changes Our Days by the always inspiring Sally Clarkson!

Inspired Mothering from Andrea Birch at - an excellent reminder that we must follow the Holy Spirit's voice and our own maternal instincts as we parent.  What may be right or work for one family does not always work for another.

Top Time Management Secrets to Know - a great post for me because I am always rushing through things so that I can get to the next thing.  Stop and enjoy the moment!

25 Things Our Sons Need to Know about Manhood - I came across this letter Ann VosKamp wrote to her 18 year old son reminding him of the importance of purity and manhood.  A great post that I have marked to share with my boys in their future!

A Super Simple Way to Help Your School Age Child Have a Quiet Time Habit - an excellent idea that I would love to try with my older kiddos.  This also came at a time when I have been praying for how to help my children establish their own quiet time while making sure to keep it relational and not just another duty.  I'm so thankful that God hears our prayers and places things like this in my path!

I also found this yummy looking dessert on pinterest.  I confess I haven't tried it yet, but it looks so delicious I thought I'd pass it on!  Snickers Seven Layer Bars - tell me what can you not love about this?

I came across this fun idea from the Dating Divas for a date with the Mr.  Maybe you could try it?  

That should be enough reading to last awhile!  Happy Thursday!  Tomorrow's Friday! :)

Wishing you a day full of blessings,

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