March 12, 2013

Ten Random Thoughts from the Last Ten Days!

Some random thoughts from the last ten days:

1.  I am a huge procrastinator!  Not that I didn't already know this, but it has been more evident than usual these last few days.  I must find some motivation somewhere...

2.  In the attempt to find motivation, I began spring cleaning - a most RIDICULOUS way to handle procrastination!  

3.  The weather has either been too dreary or too sunny to finish the aforementioned spring cleaning.  I think I may need to hire my kiddos to finish a few projects! ;)

4.  I love homeschooling with our new method!  I know I've probably mentioned this oh...about a hundred million times since we began this school year, but I just love the new rhythm we have found, and I love that my kids enjoy school.  (Yes, I am aware that Andrew says quite often that he hates school, but I promise that almost every day, he is the one that is most disappointed when it isn't his turn to work with me!)

5.  I love our M&M's group!  This is our group of mommies from our church that meets once a month to challenge and encourage each other through Bible study and fellowship!  I don't think I could be a mom if I didn't have this group!

6.  I am being immensely challenged by the book we are studying in our M&M's group - Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus.  It has been thought-provoking and has already begun to change the way I approach my children when they sin.

7.  Our house has been started!  There are walls, people!  Foam walls soon to be filled with concrete!  This will be a slow process, but like I told the that there are walls out there, when our humble abode becomes too confining, I can sit out in my new house and dream! :)  

8.  We skipped spring and are going straight for summer!  It is supposed to be 73* on Thursday! YAY for warm weather!

9.  I had a wonderful weekend with my Mr. doing absolutely nothing of any importance!  It is nice to take a break from responsibility.  We stayed up late, slept in, and even completely forgot about the time change - unintentionally.

10.  I love listening to symphonies.  There is nothing better than having the windows open, the sunshine pouring in, and a symphony playing!

That is my list of randomness...not so very interesting, but it's the best I have for today! :) 

Wishing you a day full of blessings,

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