October 15, 2012

Joyful Mom Monday - Thankfulness

Happy Monday to you!  It's a Joyful Mom Monday! I love new beginnings, and I try very hard each Monday to look forward to the prospects of all that can happen in seven short days!  This week, I want to focus on being a Joyful Mom by being more thankful.   Negativity seems to suck the life right out a situation and even out of people.  This week, I want to allow my family to flourish by being thankful - in my heart as well as with my actions and words.  This week I want to do my best to find the good in every situation - no matter how bad it may look.  I want to express to my Mr. and children how thankful I am for them and be very careful not to make my service to them come across as a burden to me.  I also want to pass on that thankfulness to other family and friends around me.  Every person grows stronger knowing that who they are and what they are doing is appreciated, and every person cannot help but become more joyful as they express thankfulness in every situation.   It's a win-win deal!  You know what this means, don't you?  It means that this week, right after I mop the floor, one of my kiddos is going to spill a huge glass of juice!  It means that I will sit down for a moment of peace and quiet, and someone will interrupt it.  It means that I will have many chances to confront my selfishness and put it away with thankfulness, and if I can do that, it means that I will be a  more Joyful Mom this week!

 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
I Thessalonians 5:18

What about you?  How will you be a Joyful Mom this week?  I'd love to hear your ideas so please link up below.   You do not need to link up with the topic of Thankfulness.  You can discuss anything that has helped you become a Joyful Mom.  Next week's topic is Organization.  I would really LOVE to hear some ways that organizing your life has helped you become a more Joyful Mom.  Let's encourage each other today....and don't forget to be thankful.  

P.S. My 4 year old just woke up to "join" me for my quiet time!  I told you!!! :)

The "rules" (because everyone else's blog has rules) are simple:
1.  Share anything that will encourage other moms to be joyful in their journey.  This can be a fun craft idea, a recipe to cook with your kiddos, a post from your heart, a Bible verse, a picture, a fun memory, a family night idea...anything that we moms can look at and say, "I should try that!" or "That's the way I want my kids to remember me!"
2.  Please link directly to your Monday URL post - not to your blog - so that we can look directly at your post in future days.
3. Please acknowledge the link to Joyful Mom Mondays in some way - either with the button or through a text link so that others can stop by and see all the ideas we have posted.
4.  Enjoy the journey with other moms.  Stop by the other blogs and leave a sweet note of encouragement.

This mothering thing is tough sometimes....way harder than I ever thought it would be, but it can be about so much more than merely surviving if we can draw encouragement from one another. 


  1. Cute blog! I'm linking up for the first time and am a new follower :)

  2. Hi Heidi! Thanks for linking up! I'm glad you enjoyed reading and hope it is a blessing to you! Have a beautiful day!