October 6, 2012

Homeschool Journal - 10/5


In my life this week...
Our family has been busy helping out at a huge fundraiser.  We do this each year, and even though it makes the days a little busier, it is always more than worth it!  The fundraiser covers two weekends.  The first weekend, we organize a yard sale with items from many, many families.  The second weekend, we host a dinner and auction.  Our family enjoys the time we have to be with our friends, and we get a small break from school! :)
In our homeschool this week...
We have actually only had two days of school this week and next week we will only have three!  But, that's OK because we started a week before most everyone else.  We did accomplish much in our two days.  We are reading the book The True Story of Noah's Ark written by Tom Dooley.  This book is amazing!!!  My kids are completely enthralled as we read it.  I love that it uses such big words too!  I have heard the kids using a few of them this week! :)  The illustrations are beautiful and help readers to picture how magnificent the ark must have been!
Mr. A (7) is reading Frog and Toad Together and enjoying every minute of it!  I love to hear him laugh out loud as he is reading.   Miss E (9) has begun reading Misty of Chincoteague.  We had to look up that pronunciation and practice it several times before we could even begin the book!  Mr. G and Miss M (5 and 4) read WORDS this week!!!  A big step for them!  Overall, it was a short but successful week!

Places we're going and people we're seeing...
Whoops!  I think I covered this already! :)
Things I'm working on...
I am excited about a link up called Joyful Mom Mondays that I am going to begin this Monday.  This is new territory for me, and I have had to spend quite a bit of time researching on how to do this, but it's been fun!  If you're interested in the details for the link-up, you can see more here.

I'm cooking...
Even though we have been busy this week, I have been trying to make sure a good meal is put on the table each night.  Our favorite meal this week was BBQ Pork Ribs (which I had found on a great sale!).  The best thing about this main dish is how easy it is to prepare.  I buy McCormick's BBQ Pulled Pork Seasoning Mix, follow the directions on the back which involve an entire THREE ingredients, put it all in the slow cooker and leave it until supper time!  It's always a hit!

I'm grateful for...
This week I am most grateful for wonderful friends who make the load lighter and the work filled with laughter.  I'm so blessed to be surrounded by friends who have the same heart and focus. I am thankful for the encouragers God has placed in my life.

I'm praying for...
My burden this week has been for other moms.  Every mom faces different challenges everyday, but I know of a few who are particularly struggling.  I am praying that God will work in their lives in a special way this week.

So, that's what's been happening here!  I hope you all have had a wonderful Saturday!  I am looking forward to a great night's rest (I hope my newbie agrees with me!) and a beautiful day of worship tomorrow!



  1. Sounds like a great week! I plan on using The True Story of Noah's Ark this week myself :-)

  2. I am sure you and your family will love the book! I hope you have a wonderful homeschooling week!