February 14, 2011

Making Your Valentine Happy!

I love holidays! Any day to celebrate something is a great day! I realized, though, that on holidays, I tend to look for what people will do for me. Every holiday should be a mom's day off, right? Unfortunately, my mister is not a big fan of holidays. He could do without them all and would never miss them, I think. So, after 10 years, I'm beginning to realize that holidays are for celebrating the special people you have in your life and finding ways to show THEM they are special. This morning, I got up early and decorated our kitchen, made a special valentine for each of my family members, and put a treat bag beside their place. Then, I made heart-shaped waffles for breakfast. The kiddos loved it! (Unfortunately, with all the extras they also thought it meant a day out of school, too!)

Another thing I have come to realize in the last few months is that in my goal of trying to be a great mom, I tend to forget my most important priority of being a great wife. And wouldn't you know it...that was exactly the subject in our last mommies' meeting! (Our church has this once a month for all us mommies who are in need of some sanity!) I really enjoyed (well, except for the convicting parts that I need to work on) the way our pastor's wife reminded us of all the different roles we as wives have. I thought I'd share them with you.

As wives, we are to be our husband's helpmeet - his completer, his helper. We need to keep our schedules flexible so that when he needs us, we are there! We need to respect and trust our husbands. Show that we support them and stand behind them. We are to be good stewards of the money our husbands entrust us with and good managers of the home he has provided for us. (That would also include training the young heatherns so that Dad actually enjoys being with them!) We are to submit and obey our husbands. Wouldn't you know it? You can never name the roles of the wife without naming this one, but it is an important one - and one given to us by God. I always remind myself that the same definition of obedience that I give my kiddos applies to me in obeying my husband. Sometimes, that doesn't set so very well, is what it is, and it is what makes a marriage work! The last role we discussed was that of loving unconditionally - no strings attached. Spending time with him just because, taking time to do things that he enjoys, showing him in ways that he loves that you love him and only him.

As you can probably guess, I've had a lot of things to evaluate and examine these last few days, and I've found several things that I need to change and work on. But, I'm hoping, that by doing these things, I'll make my mister and my marriage very happy! :)

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