February 11, 2011

Craziness and unexpected happenings!

Today has been one of those days...full of craziness and unexpected happenings! I woke up this morning with two goals in mind: getting school done with my two oldest kiddos by noon and organizing my coupons and grocery list so that I could go grocery shopping this afternoon. We started off so well - on time, organized, cheerful, but then....

The kiddos (BOTH of them) began to experience serious brain blockages. My goodness, it's a bad day when one goes through this, but two! We finally came to the conclusion that school was just not going to be classified as a success and that whatever we did accomplish was certainly not going to be done by noon!

Seeing that goal number one was not going to be accomplished, I bravely pressed forward to goal number two - couponing! I started off so well, but then the washing machine....yes, never good words...the washing machine did not stop filling, and no one realized this until Miss E. came into the hallway, and said, "Um...why is the hallway flooded?" Like I said, never good words! Thankfully, my sweet mister was home for lunch and spent his lunch break repairing the washine machine and cleaning up "the flood." However, upon returning to work, we had a second flood...yes, yes, a second one...and had to call the sweet mister home from work. By this time, coupons had been scattered by children, a cup of water had been spilled upon the coupons ( a third flood)! My second goal seemed to be going as "well" as the first.

As badly as everything seemed to be, at the end of the day I was still able to count my blessings! My mister was able to repair the washing machine - for good this time! The kiddos did finish all their tests this week, and I did make it to the grocery store with quite a few coupons! And now, my mister and I are snuggled up watching a movie. Although, we are watching it while the washing machine and dryer sit next to us because the poor mister had to pull up our wood floor and air it out. Like I has been one of those days...full of craziness and unexpected happenings!

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  1. Wow that sounds like a day! It must be the week for laundry problems as we had pipes freeze in our laundry room on Thursday. I am glad everything was fixed in the end:)