March 5, 2011

A Perfect Saturday Morning

I love lazy Saturday mornings at home. Unfortunately, because the mister has a small business of his own on top of his usual 40 hour work week, we don't get a lot of lazy Saturday mornings. Here lately, we've been able to have more of them, and I have decided that I LOVE THEM! :)
For some unknown reason, all the kiddos slept until 9 AM! That hasn't happened in a long time. The mister and I snuggled under the covers and talked about life - whether or not to start building our house on our own, when we could go snowmobiling again, if we should buy a car or not, an upcoming trip that I'm getting ready to go know, the little things in life that you don't have time to talk about when you're surrounded by four chatterboxes.
Around 9 o'clock, Mr. G came in, and then Miss M, and before you know it, all six of us are laying in the bed, snuggling. Then, as always, snuggle time ends with a tickle fest! This is when Mommy exits the bed! :)
After the tickle fest, Daddy made blueberry pancakes for everyone, letting each of the kiddos take turns being a helper. Then, we sat down and ate and listened to all that the four chatterboxes had to say! Mr. A declared that his pancake was so hot, it burnt his butter! :) He also decided to be an ornery little brother and took the number 17 off the school calendar so that Miss E cannot have a birthday (which is not until July, but this still greatly bothered her). Of course, Daddy was Mr. A's accomplice in convincing Miss E that she would never have a birthday unless she could find the number 17! Miss E was almost in tears, and so Mr. A tried to cheer her up by doing Mommy's famous, "I see a smile on your face" routine! It worked! It always does. :) The next thing we know, Miss E and Mr. A are laughing so hard together that they fall out of their chairs.
Miss M finished her pancakes and found a pair of goggles to try on. With blueberry smeared all over her face, crazy morning hair, pj's and goggles on, she made quite the picture!
As you've noticed, I haven't mentioned Mr. G yet. He must have been unusually quiet this morning. Don't worry, I'm sure he will make up for it later, and we will have an entertaining tale to report soon! :)
Now, all the kiddos and the mister have headed outside into what looks like will be a nice sunshiny day, and Mommy has been left to enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet before returning to the Saturday house cleaning.
Yes, I'm thankful today for the little blessing of lazy Saturday mornings and for a sweet family to enjoy them with! :) I hope you're enjoying your Saturday, too!

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