March 17, 2011

The "Little Blessings" from This Week

This morning as I was driving into Twin for school, the kids and I were amazed at how beautiful the day was. It has been raining all week long, and today the sun finally came up shining. The rain had cleared the air and made the grass that was burned in last year's wildfire a brilliant green. The mountains looked as if we could reach out and touch them (even though they are almost a hundred miles away)! It was a beautiful, beautiful morning - the kind that makes you start counting your blessings - and so, I thought I'd share them with you.
I'm thankful for the blessing of creation and a God who made it just for me! Well, actually, I believe that He made it for Him and His glory, but what a wonderful God He is to share it with me and to display it in front of me and all around me each and every day!
I'm thankful for friends. I have so many friends who genuinely care about me and what's happening in my life. I realize that sounds somewhat selfish, but God did give us friends to help encourage us, and I'm so thankful for the great ones I have.
I'm thankful for God's protection. The mister ended up riding through the interstate median at 80 miles per hour yesterday in order to avoid a near accident. I am so thankful that God made him alert to what was about to happen and gave him a place to go. It makes me wonder how many times God has protected us, and we may not even realize it.
I'm thankful for God's Word, and it's practicality. I am studying the book of Ephesians in my quiet time, and it seems like every time I look into God's Word I am finding things that I can work on in every day life. It has kept me under conviction, but I'm thankful that God is working in my heart through His Word.
I'm thankful for unlimited long distance. :) All of my family lives on the other side of the United States - or close to it! :) I'm thankful that I can pick up the phone and call my mom and talk to her as much as I'd like. I like talking to you, too, Daddy! :) I'm thankful that my sister can pick up the phone and call me - every day - and that even though long distances separate us, she can still be my best friend. Ok...getting too mushy! :)
I'm thankful for my kiddos. What would I do without them? What would I laugh at (or should I put it a little more nicely and say laugh with)? How many things would I miss if I didn't have them to point them out to me? The blessing of children is absolutely indescribable!
I'm thankful for my mister! He is such a hard worker and wonderful provider, and yet, he still takes the time to make my day! He encourages me in my goals, and he never says anything negative when the house is topsy turvy. The words I most often hear are, "Well, the house is still standing, and every one is alive, so in my eyes, you did a great job today!" I LOVE HIM! :)
I'm thankful for weekend getaways. The mister and I get to take one this weekend. I'm especially thankful for the people who watch our kiddos so that we can go. There are very few souls out there who are brave enough to take them all at once! :)
As I was admiring the beautiful morning God gave us, I was also reminded of one more thing to be thankful for - the rain. Yes, my kiddos have driven me absolutely bonkers being indoors for so long, and yes, my entryway has a constant flow of mud in it, but if it had not rained, the air would not have been as crystal clear as it was this morning. The green grass would not have been as brilliant. The sunshine would not have been as dazzling. It made me think of life. Without the rain (trials) that comes into our lives, we would not see or appreciate the things God has blessed us with or the ways He is using us. We would not grow as close to Him. We would have no NEED of Him if we never had trials. Thankfully, this week, my biggest trial consisted only of four wild hoodlums running through the house - really not that big a trial at all! :) I pray that when the trials do come that my heart will still overflow with gratitude and thankfulness to my God who loves me and knows me and has my very best in His plans for me.
I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. I know I will! :) There is much to do before a weekend getaway, though, and so I shall say goodbye for the week. Have a blessed weekend and don't forget to count all the "little blessings" God has given you.

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