March 14, 2011

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

I love sunshiny days, and we finally had one today! Today, I have been reminded of how ordinary things, just like sunhine, can make an extraordinary life if you have the right perspective. For the last three weeks, I feel like I have been surviving from one thing to the next, juggling to keep it all together for just one more thing! It gets very tiring. I try hard not to let life get that way too often, but there are times when you don't plan for life to become so just does.
Today has been a much-needed return to the ordinary - homeschooling, cleaning house, doing the laundry, planning meals. Sometimes in doing these things over and over and over and over, we forget how much our family relies on the constancy and rhythm we provide. Our steadiness gives them the opportunity to experience an organized, uncluttered routine that gives security. In plain and simple words, the kiddos behave better, and the mister isn't grouchy! :)
My kiddos reminded me of how extraordinary the ordinary could be when they pointed out that almost every night last week we did not do our bedtime reading like we usually do. They missed it! I began to see how other things that I do (which are by no means very grand things) are missed by my family when they aren't done as usual! How blessed I am that God uses me to make my family's day special!
It is all based on perspective though. I can see that mound of laundry as yet another thing on the to-do list, or I can see it as an opportunity to prepare my family for their extraordinary day! I can see the meal preparation as a lot of work that is completely demolished in a short 30 minutes, or I can look forward to making my family's dinner time an extraordinary time to make memories, provide stability, celebrate the day's accomplishments and grow together in the Lord by memorizing Scripture and talking of Bible stories.
So, as I have tackled my house chores today (which seem insurmountable at this point), I have asked God to help me see the extraordinary in the ordinary. I have asked Him to give me a grateful heart for entrusting me with the opportunity to make my family's day! I have even tried to be thankful for all those ordinary interruptions that come while I'm trying to make the ordinary extraordinary! And you know what? Today's been a sunshiny day - inside and out! :)

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