August 20, 2013

A Late Joyful Mom Monday - Trust God

We have been busy hanging out with family, and it has been a wonderfully nice change!  There is something special about having family close by to laugh with and do things with and even lend you a helping  hand.  Being a mom hasn't seemed so easy in a LONG time! ;)  If you have family close by, don't take them for granted!

Ok...that was the side note.  I have been thinking lately about how much God loves my much more He loves them than I myself love them.  I've also been reminded that my children are not really...well, my children,.  They are God's, and He has only given them to me for a short time so that I can have a small part in giving Him glory through the way I nurture and teach them.  

As moms, it is hard for us to go through the many "firsts' that our children experience with so much anticipation.  It is hard to put them in the nursery for the first time, to drop them off for the first sleep over.  The first day of school, the first time away at camp, the first solo drive...all of these and so many more can be so taxing on our mommy hearts!  I have always wanted my kiddos to remember me being joyful and excited for them as they experience their many firsts even though deep inside my mommy heart may be breaking just a little.  One of the best ways I have found to be joyful in these times is to remember to trust my God who loves my children far more than I do and who is able to watch and protect them far better than I am able to.  Remembering this is such a help as I let my children go a little farther on their own.  Lots of kleenex close by is helpful too because after all, God did give us this mommy heart that still breaks a little each time.  But I am so thankful for this special heart that enables me to love so much  more completely.  Praying for you mommies who are experiencing firsts this week.  Make some beautiful memories of these times and don't forget to trust that God is taking extra special care of His treasures that He loaned to you.  

Wishing you a day full of blessings,

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