June 24, 2013

Joyful Mom Monday - Summer Fun!

Counting God's Little Blessings

Our summer has been different this year. We are trying to figure the ins and outs of homeschooling year around, and even though I do enjoy the freedom that it gives us all year long, I have to admit that it has taken away some of the anticipation that usually comes with summer.  I also think that the first trimester of pregnancy and the beginning of summer do not mix very well.  Now that I think about it, I'm not sure the first trimester of pregnancy mixes well with much of anything! :)  All that to say, that now that it is June 24, I finally feel like I am ready to begin some summer fun!  I've been looking for some ideas online as well as just planning the normal summer stuff!  Here is a list I have come up with.

1.  Water balloon day!  This happens on really hot days when Mom sits with the garden hose and fills and ties water balloons the entire afternoon while the kids smash them to their heart's content.  We also usually have a sprinkler running!

2. Garden hose running water on the slide into a swimming pool at the bottom. kids thought I was pretty awesome!  They thought I was even awesomer when I slid down the slide! :)  Only once...the pool needs more padding before I'll do it again! :)

3.  I found this idea online and had my 1st through 6th grade Wednesday church class do it.  It occupied them for a long time and brought out a creative side I didn't know some of them had!  Even little ones like to just squish it in their hands.  How To Create a Sand Castle That Lasts.

4.  Camp out in the yard.

5.  Lots of smores by the fire pit!

6.  Now that Miss Evvie has her own camera, I send the kids out with a list of things to look for and take pics of.  They love doing this, and it gives me a few minutes of peace and quiet!

7.  Early morning walks before it gets hot!

8.  Make home made ice cream!  My goal for the month of July is to make a different kind of ice cream every weekend!

9.  Make these glow jars for camp out nights.
10.  Have a paint day!  I want to try this idea here, but I may use an old sheet instead of a box!  If I told my kids to splash in paint...well, I'd be even awesomer than when I slid down the slide into the kiddie pool!  

Those are a few of my creative goals for this summer!  I would LOVE to hear yours!  Make sure you take time to make memories!   Be intentional and let your children know how much you enjoy spending time with them.  We only have this today once!
 Wishing you a day full of blessings,

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