June 17, 2013

Joyful Mom Monday - Let Your Kids Explore!

Counting God's Little Blessings
Kids have a God-given curiosity that seems, at times, to be unsatisfiable!  For us moms, it can be draining to keep up with their next great adventure or to have answers for all of their questions.  I was slow to pick up on this one, but I am finally beginning to learn that this curiosity is what allows our children to learn so much in such a very short amount of time.  This is the reason that I have had four baby starlings in a cage in my living room this spring.  My children's curiosity went a little overboard in this area though, and they succeeded in accidentally killing them all - either by overfeeding, underfeeding, or squeezing them too hard while feeding!  But....they now know that a momma bird is what a baby starling needs the most, and that it is hard work to fill in for a momma bird!  We also had four kangaroo rats in my living room for about a month.  They look a lot like hamsters instead of mice, and so I was able to handle this fairly well, I thought...until they all four escaped!!!  We found three out of four of them in my bedroom!!!  The kids did manage to find all four of them...although one was sadly mistaken for a mouse and shot with a be-be gun before we realized they had escaped from their cage!    The kiddos decided it was much easier to manage kangaroo rats than birds, and we just recently let the "survivors" go out in the field across from the house.  Now, we are working on four kittens.  Four seems to be the magical number around here.  These I can handle.  They are cute and cuddly and tiny and not too messy!  Each kiddo has his own cat to take care of, and they are thrilled...and they are learning!

So...maybe pets aren't your thing, but the point is kids do need to explore.  We moms need to make sure that we don't dampen our children's curiosity by telling them no over and over.  Take them on walks to see what they can find.  Let them bring in their beautiful rocks and flowers.  Take time to listen to their questions and answer them as best as you can.  Watching your children learn and grow is a joyful thing!  There is something special about hearing your children tell others what they have learned from you! 

One caution...cell phone exploration can be rather spendy!  Letting the two year old type a text that looks something like this "kdiendvv;lsoebjkvjzs" and send it to your entire contact list - not good!!! True story! :)  Happy Exploring!  I need to go get the newby down from the table.  He is exploring the spoon and leftover macaroni and cheese!  

Wishing you a day full of blessings,

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