May 17, 2013

In Whatsoever State I Am...Even in the State of Chaos and Disorder!

I usually link upon Fridays to The Homeschool Journal, but because we had so much extra going on this week, and I have not been feeling the greatest, we took this week off.  We were supposed to take next week off anyway, and so we just switched the weeks.  We will begin our last 12 weeks of school next week!  I am enjoying homeschooling all year 'round so far.  I think it keeps us in a routine, and it gives me a little more wiggle room in the middle of the year because we really don't attend any more school days, we just spread it out.  

Our family has been busy spreading the news that we are expecting our sixth baby!  We're all very excited, but Mom is VERRRRYYYY tired.  :(  It has made for a couple of long, long weeks.  My first four pregnancies were normal feel the blah pregnancies, but with Gavin and now with this one, I am so indescribably exhausted, and I'm not doing much...believe me, check out my house!  I had several tests run with Gavin, and the only diagnosis that came back was, "You have four kids that you never take a break from because you've decided to teach them at home, and you are over 30.  What miracles do you expect from us?"  Seriously!  It is definitely a time when I have to remind myself this won't last forever, and I need to choose joyfulness even in the middle of all the mess.  To be honest, I haven't done that very well at all lately.  

To help inspire me, I began reading something by Sally Clarkson, and as I read, the Holy Spirit convicted me!  Here is just one of the many things I underlined as I read Sally's section on contentment.  
"What keeps me from being content is not what God is or isn't supplying; the real problem is that I refuse to adjust my expectations - I want more than can I have, ask for more than I need, strive for more than I can do, and expect more than God has promised!"  
W O W!!!  Did anyone else feel that smack between the eyes?  Right now, the only thing I really want is a pristinely clean house.  Unfortunately, it appears as though I am going to have to adjust my expectations somewhat.  Not that we're going to live like pigs - hopefully - but we're definitely not going to hit the pristine level anytime soon!  I need to readjust my expectations knowing that God has better things for me than a clean house!  

That has been my lesson for the week - one that I am still working on!  I hope this makes sense.  I am writing somewhat in a hurry, but I wanted to post this great quote today!  I pray that you are able to find deep contentment at whatever place you are right now in life.  Let's remember Paul's example in Philippians 4:11.  "I have learned in whatsoever state I am therewith to be content."  (Even if it happens to be a state of chaos and disorder!)
Wishing you a day full of blessings,

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