January 10, 2013

Take Action

The beginning of the school year and the beginning of the New Year are my two favorite times of the year!  They are the times when I get to sit down and make out lists - lists of goals, lists of priorities, lists of schedules, lists of books to help me, lists of habits to work on and for good measure...a list of all my lists!  It's a blast!  I love lists!  With all these lists, though, there comes one small problem.  It's called the...ummm....doing of the list.  The lists are of no value unless I begin to do the things that are on them, and I find that to be a HUGE challenge!  

I found a verse in Daniel that I had never noticed before.  Daniel 11:32b, "but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits."  I was studying out that do exploits there because I wasn't sure exactly what God classifies an exploit as.  I mean to me an exploit is changing one of the newbie's diapers - you know the kind that are up to his neck!  I digress...Anyway, the word exploit could really be replaced with the words "take action."  This verse was extremely challenging to me!  Because I know my God, I will be strong and take action.  I am so thankful that because my God is so extraordinarily powerful, He can (and will) enable me to take action in what needs to be accomplished - whether it be a physical goal, a spiritual  goal, or just the small but seemingly impossible task of making it through the changing of another dirty diaper or the wiping of another snotty nose or the preparing of another meal!  Because of who our God is, we can take the next step - however big or small it may be!  It does not matter who we are, where we are, or what we are trying to do, if God has called us to it, we can also know that God will give us the ability to take action! 

Isn't this an amazing verse?  It has been an invaluable encouragement to me these last couple of weeks as I have begun implementing all of my goals and lists!  It hasn't all been successful, but it has been a start.  I do not want to be a fearful, unsure, sit on the sidelines and watch Christian.  I want to be a bold, "take action"  child of God relying on His strength for the next step!  How about you?

Wishing you a day full of blessings!

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