January 30, 2013

Being Still in the Middle of LIFE

Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted... ~Psalm 46:10

I have always enjoyed the comfort this verse brings to me, but this morning as I read it again during my quiet time, I pictured it in an entirely different way.  In the past, I have pictured the be still and know as I time when I purposefully come away from all the noise of the world and focus on God.  This is true and a wonderful and entirely necessary thing to do - DAILY!  However it occurred to me this morning that God wants us to carry throughout our busy days this idea of the still and quiet heart that gently goes through the day listening for God's leading.  I began to think about last evening...Andrew was trying to read and could not figure out a word.  He was asking for my help while Garret was running through the house like a wild Indian (something he had been doing all day!), and Madelyn was screaming because Garrett touched her with his little finger (something she has been doing all day!).  Evvie was trying to help Andrew but was becoming impatient and calling him choice words because he was no longer listening and suddenly, out of nowhere, Gavin began spewing vomit! All this while I am trying to mind my own business and just clean a bathroom!  Yep...for real...that was my last evening!  God brought that crazy scene to my mind, and it seemed as though He was telling me, "Christy, when life gets like that, and you feel like you are going to explode because everyone needs you RIGHT NOW, close your eyes and for ten seconds be still and know that I am God.  I am bigger than this, and I will be exalted through this if you will be still and listen to my voice."

That's not practical, you may say!  However, what is even more impractical is blowing up at everyone and ruining everyone's evening as well as Jesus' name.  We need to make a habit - I need to make a habit - to be still even in the ridiculously crazy times of life - to be still and remember that I have a God who knows me, who is watching me, and who has promised to take care of me...if I will just. be. still.

Wishing you a day full of blessings,

Counting God's Little Blessings - 3 Every Day:
1.  Encouragement at church
2.  Like-minded believers
3.  God is still continuing a good work in me.

4.  God's helping me get up for quiet time even though I was tired.
5.  A warm fire when the snow and wind are blowing outside.
6.  The Holy Spirit's voice

7.  The flicker of candles
8.  God's never-ending love
9.  God's healing of a friend     

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