July 13, 2013

What's Happening (Or Not Happening) Here!

I love writing in this little place, but it's been sparse here lately.  For one, we've just been plain busy, and for two...well, I'm pregnant.  I don't know about you all, but when I'm pregnant, I feel quite uninspired and as if I'm always running behind!  Don't panic!  I'm OK!  Just telling it like it is.  All that to say that as I hard as I try, I'm not a very faithful blogger when pregnant.

Anyhoo....what has NOT been happening around here:

1.  Consistent house work.  Don't get me wrong...we're not slumming with the pigs quite yet, but compared to the not pregnant me, we're not getting much done!  But, I am now 30 something years old and have 5 children and have learned that a spic and span house is not always the most important thing.  A mom with a pleasant smile and kind words, however, is priceless!

2.  5 Course Dinners!  So, I've never been known for having Martha Stewart kitchen talents, but I have been slacking in this area a little more than usual here lately.  Now that I am over the nauseated stage of pregnancy, I am trying harder to get back to my former not so Martha Stewart talented kitchen self. :)

3.  Sleep!  There is always someone up in the middle of the night around here, and it is driving me insane!!!  Oh well...just remember when you have your first baby, you have officially signed away your right to a good night's sleep. :)  But holding little Gavin while he finally does sleep again is very much worth it!

Whst HAS been happening around here:

1.  School!  Yes, my friends, that is right!  We are not complete slackers, and we have been accomplishing quite a bit of school!  We are almost finished with American History for the year and are trying to finish up Science and several of our literature books before the end of the month.  My big concern is Math, and so we have been spending extra time working on that. We have found that working in the afternoons works best during the summer.  That way we avoid the heat outside, and we can also focus a little more easily while Mr. Gavin sleeps.  It's been nice to feel as though we are actually steadily progressing again!

2.  New recipes!  Even though I have not been making wonderful dinners, I have made some yummy desserts and breads!  I have tried several new recipes over the last two weeks, and so far, all of them have been successful!  I love baking from scratch!

3.  Free chicken!  That's right!  The kids and I all dressed up like cows from head to hoof so that we could get a free Chick-Fil-A meal.  You may not understand how big a deal this is, and so I will explain a little.  Number one - my kids NEVER get a happy meal!  It's just not reasonable, the toys are cheap and silly, and they need to learn to spend money wisely.  Number two - my kids rarely get anything except water to drink at a restaurant, and if by some strange chance, they do get a fountain drink, it is always shared!  Because each of us were dressed up, we each were able go get our own complete meal - drink, toy and all!  I had five very happy little calves...I mean kiddos!

4.  Going places!  We have been camping.  We have had our M&M's meeting.  We have been to violin lessons and to church.  We have run errands in town.  We have been to Chick-Fil-A - all in the last 10 days!  It's been crazy - especially when you remember that we drive an hour just to get anywhere!  It's been fun though and has made it feel a little more like summer time!

5.  Amazing discussions!  We have had the opportunity to have some amazing discussions with our kiddos.  Madelyn asked how big God is, and Andrew began to describe us as a speck of dust in a teacup!  It was quite sweet listening to his analogy, and it was fairly accurate too!  With the death of a friend of our family's, we've also had the chance to remember how short life can be and how important it is to always be kind and live like Jesus would so that we have no regrets if we were to die.  We've also dealt with some heart issues and have been able to see God's Word soften little hearts in a way that mom's words can't.  I am so thankful that I am the one who is able to hear all of these conversations first hand!  It makes me appreciate even more than usual the opportunity to to stay at home and homeschool my kiddos!

That's what's happening (and not happening) around here!  I am going to try to help my house recover from this busy week and get it cleaned up before we head out to our church bbq this afternoon!  I hope you are all able to enjoy your summer weekend.  Don't forget to take the time to count the blessings God has given - even the little ones!

Wishing you a day full of blessings,

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