September 27, 2012

A Just Right Day

I love those days when everything goes just right.  I would love to have a few more of those days when everything goes just right!  :)  Today is one of those days.  School is mostly done, the house is mostly clean, supper is mostly planned, and so I'm mostly on top of things! :)  I have my homemade pumpkin potpourri simmering, beautiful music playing and a cup of coffee in hand enjoying a few quiet moments.  I'm thankful that God gives these days - days to remind me that this work is worth while.  The sacrifice and serving and daily doing of the same things over and over again do pay off.  These days also remind me how much more smoothly life goes when I prepare and plan ahead and do my very best to be organized (a gift that I most certainly do not come by naturally).

The fall is always a perfect time for me to regroup and set new goals.  The Mr. and I have made a list of character qualities that we want to instill into our children this "school year."  It is hard work - such very hard work - but after just a few short weeks, we are seeing some magnificent progress.  It is difficult to be consistent.  It is even more difficult to parent each child in an individual way - praying for wisdom and parenting by faith trusting the Holy Spirit to pull our children's hearts to Him.  These are the things the Mr. and I are working on this fall.  Do we have it down?  No!  Are we the perfect parents with the perfect children?  Just the thought makes me laugh ridiculously loud because that would be an even bigger NO!!!  However, I am thankful for the progress we see, the improvements that have been made, and the character that has been strengthened in our entire family. I am also thankful for the days that God allows us to enjoy the "fruits of our labor."

Today is one of those feel good days.  Today is a day to reserve strength, faith and quiet peace for those days when everything is not just right - for those days when the number one goal is only to make it to the end of the day with everyone alive and hopefully still in one piece (believe me, I have more than I care to admit of those kind of days).  I pray you are blessed with a beautiful fall day full of new resolve, progress and satisfaction.  If not, hang on...God loves to bless us more abundantly than we can ever imagine and in the most unexpected ways and times.  I am certain God has something very special planned for you.

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