May 24, 2011

Summer Preparations

It has been an amazingly long time since I have had the motivation to sit down and write! If I don't even have that motivation, well you can imagine that the rest of my life has been the same! I think things may be looking up though! (Although, I do believe I've said this several times over the last few weeks!) However, with summer around the corner, how can it not be?

We are working on our last week of homeschooling. It's hard to believe Miss E will be going to third grade and Mr. A will begin 1st grade! On Thursday, we are going to have a little graduation party for Mr. A! I was telling him we would make some cupcakes and have a party, and he explained to me that we can do all this "because I can read now!" He's quite impressed with himself! :)

We were hoping to go camping this weekend, but I looked at the weather, and the forecast has changed - for the worse! It's only supposed to be in the 50's for the high and rainy. Doing all that preparation for a nice sunny time is one thing, but doing all that preparation so that we can sit in the camper and dry out and drive each other insane is totally another! Mommy's suggestion: let's pretend like next weekend is Memorial Day. (It's supposed to be in the 70's then!)

Also, on the list of summer preparations is spring cleaning! Yes, I know....I blogged about spring cleaning plans a long time ago! This pregrancy has really stopped me in my tracks this time, though, and so the only things that have been accomplished in our house have been the absolute necessities. I am hoping to tackle the spring cleaning this week and get most of it done so that I can focus on fun with the kiddos this summer.

Speaking of fun with the kiddos...I am working on making a summer calendar. Yes, my lists again. I've just found that if I don't write down and announce to the world what my intentions are they usually don't happen! So, as I begin to work on this, if you have some great summer fun ideas, let me know! I am so excited about enjoying my family this summer and taking a break from the routine!

Well, those are my well laid plans for summer preparation. I'm sure they won't go completely as planned, but at least there is a goal! I will just keep reminding myself as I try to accomplish these goals that interruptions are God's opportunities for me to be a blessing to others and to be blessed by others! Happy summer preparations to you! :)

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