May 3, 2011


This morning, I read from Henry Blackaby's short devotional book Experiencing God Day by Day. I love this devotional book and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick but very concise and practical thought to focus your day on Jesus. Today, the quote that really made me stop and think was this.

"Contentment frees you to enjoy every good thing God has given you."

Wow! That's a pretty powerful statement! To think that contentment sets us free. We usually don't think of contentment in that way - at least I don't. I think (very inaccurately) of contentment more as finally settling with what you have - as in a last resort. "Well, I guess I'm not going to ever get anything better, so I guess I'll learn to be thankful for what I have." That's probably not quite what God has in mind when He wants us to be content.

By being content - truly satisfied and thankful for EVERYTHING God has given me - I am then free to enjoy all the good things God has to give me. How many times have I missed the good things right in front of me because I'm too busy complaining? How many times have I wished things had turned out the way I had planned them only to look back and see so many wonderful things I would have missed if God hadn't stepped in? It is only when I become truly satisfied with all God has given me that I begin to see life from His perspective instead of my own. I remember then that God sees and knows everything, and that this moment of my life is really very small in comparison to all that God has planned for me. When, I am content, I can choose to make the best of this moment, even enjoy it, looking forward to all the good things God has for me because of it!

Dear God, please make me a content Christian, wife, mommy and friend so that I can be free to enjoy all the good things you have given me!

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