February 11, 2013

Joyful Mom Monday - Thoughts from a Scatterbrain

Counting God's Little Blessings

It is a Monday, nonetheless, and it is time for a Joyful Mom Monday post.  I am not going to provide a link-up for now, but I would love to hear your ideas, and you are welcome to post your blog link up in the comments as long as it pertains to the Joyful Mom Monday post!

I have been going through several weeks of scatterbrained thoughts...nothing concrete, lots of little things.  So, I thought today I would share a few practical tips that have helped me become a more joyful mom - things that if I do not do regularly, I find myself becoming the Mom Grouch!

*Have a routine and try to stick to it.  I know people's definitions of routine vary, but it is true that when kiddos know what to expect, they behave better.  Our kiddos were horrible about complaining when we hollered, "Bed time."  To curb that, we began a routine:  brush teeth, color while Mom reads a story, prayer time, bedtime.  Our kids rarely ever complain about bedtime now because they know what to expect, and we've thrown in some fun as well!  Anybody who knows me well knows that I'm pretty much a fly by the seat of your pants person.  Some people look at my routine and are probably thinking, "You call that a routine?"  :)  It's not perfect, but my kiddos usually know what to expect at the important times of day, and it has helped me become more joyful because I do not have so much complaining to listen to.

*Take a little time to do something you enjoy.  I enjoy writing, and I try to sit down every few days and write a little here.  I also enjoy being out and about by myself.  Most Sunday afternoons, my sweet Mr. gives me at least an hour to run errands or even grab a coffee with a friend because he knows I won't be quite such a bear the next week! :)  We moms do need to take a little time each week to enjoy life so that we can continue to be life-givers in our homes.

*Allow yourself to be imperfect.  We cannot and will not be the perfect mom.  We should have high ideals and expectations, but we also need to be willing to forgive ourselves and move one.  We cannot continue to beat ourselves up for our failures.  It hinders us from being fully available and used by God.  When we live under a constant feeling of guilt, we are not showing our children the love and grace of God, and we also tend to impose that guilt on others...usually our children because we are around them most.  Admit you have failed, come up with a battle plan and move on.  I also have learned to ask myself if my unreachable expectations were given to me by myself (or others) or by God?  Many times, I find that the thing I am feeling most guilty about plays a very small role when looking at the big picture.  Maybe I need to lower my expectation in one area so that I can put more energy towards a more important area.

I hope this has made a little sense.  I have so many thoughts swirling through my mind, and I have five hoodlums (I say that with nothing but love!) running around!  My prayer is to encourage you.  This mommy thing is harder than I thought, and it really is a never-ending forever job!  We need to encourage one another and take time to rest and enjoy the little things in life so that we can finish our lives strong and fulfilled....and JOYFUL! Besides,  I certainly don't want to be a grumpy Grandma! :)  

Wishing you a day full of blessings,

Counting God's Little Blessings - 3 Every Day! (A few extra today because it's been a while!)

19.  Beautiful sunsets and their Creative Maker
20.  Books that provoke thought and imagination
21.  A week of no sickness!
22.  The fellowship of other moms (which I am looking forward to tomorrow!)
23.  The love of my Mr. (We've been hanging out for 16 years now!)
24.  My salvation and the great cost of it...

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