February 2, 2013

Homeschooling Journal - 2/1


In my life this week...
I have been so energized, and I love it!!!  I have been taking some different vitamins, and I think I may become an addict!  I feel like I have accomplished more this week WITHOUT being a grouch (which is always a plus)! :)
In our homeschool this week...
We have settled into our new routine of year around homeschooling, and everyone seems to be enjoying it.  The kids have loved being completely finished with school by 12:30 each day, and we have had time for a few extra projects too.  On Monday, we worked for quite a while on our timeline.  It had been sorely neglected.  We record everything in our timeline - missionaries whose biographies we are reading, dates from our Bible lessons, dates from our history lessons - we have even added dates of our favorite novel characters! :)  Later in the week, we made our own cave paintings after studying about how people lived before all of our modern conveniences were invented.  We also enjoyed much discussion on whether or not a color is a color even when you are not looking at it. (It's a long story but quite fascinating!)  I was  thankful for Daddy's help with that one though! :)

Places we're going...
In celebration of sunshine and warmer weather, we made a quick trip to the park!
My favorite thing this week was...
Completing all of our school work each day!!!
My kiddos favorite thing this week was...
Making their cave paintings after we watched this -

Things I'm working on...
I feel like I have found a new rhythm for our school day.  Now, I would like to work on meal time - planning meals with more variety, coming up with a better way to serve 7 people at a table that only comfortably sits 4, and training our kiddos with better mealtime manners and conversations.  Wish me luck because I would rather do lesson plans than menu plans! :)  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I rewarded my kids this week by...
Preparing scones - which they love - for our weekly tea party!  Because, you see, I do not enjoy preparing meals, but I love baking! :)  We also celebrated the end of our school week with nachos and a movie!

Overall, a nicely done week here at our place!  It isn't always this way, but I am thankful for the times that are! :)

Wishing you a day full of blessings,

Counting God's Little Blessings - 3 Every Day:
13. The sunshine and warmer weather
14. More energy
15. The encouragement from Psalms

16.  Conversations with my Mr.
17.  Days of rest
18.   Valentine decorations that make me smile!  

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