November 17, 2012

Unexpected Disconnect!

My computer finally and very officially died this time!  It has been acting up quite a bit here lately, but it has been a trooper and always revived itself...until now!  The sweet Mr. was finally able to set me up with something temporary until we can purchase a different one.  I guess computers have become almost as necessary as cars.  

We have had more sickness come through our house.  On Tuesday, I sat down to sort through my lesson plans and calculated that we have missed almost 3 weeks of school this year because of sickness!  It's been crazy!  We're pumping down the vitamins and immune boosters and hoping things improve.  Because of that, I don't think we are going to be able to take our Winter Break completely off like we usually do. We will be able to catch up by doing mostly light days throughout the break, so I'm optimistic that it won't dampen the spirits too much!  We'll see how well my optimism holds out! :)

Because of sickness and the death of my computer, I wasn't able to post the Joyful Mom Monday link-up this week.  I am planning on posting it this Monday.   The topic will still be Thanksgiving Traditions.  I'd love to hear what your Thanksgiving Traditions are and how you remain joyful in the middle of all the preparations and busyness.  

I need to get back to the housecleaning.  Not only do we have Thanksgiving this week, but we also have the newbie's first birthday the day before Thanksgiving!  It's going to be a busy but extraordinarily blessed week!  Have a wonderful weekend!


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