November 2, 2012

Homeschool Journal - 11/2


In my life this week...
It was a little crazy at the beginning of the week trying to get costumes ready for our church's Fall Fun Fest, but in the end, it was completely worth it.  All the kids enjoyed the night.  As for the costumes, I think I ended up stashing half of each person's paraphernalia in a corner for the evening, and Miss M eventually put her play clothes back on because her princess dress was itchy, but I'm fairly certain every other mom was doing the same! :)  My computer died for several days - AGAIN!  Once again, it decided to come back to us.  I have this sneaking suspicion we will be needing to purchase another one soon.  

In our homeschool this week...
We are settling into the ho-hum routine of school.  Nothing too spectacular happened, but I do love spending the day with my kids - watching as they struggle to get the answers and then seeing their faces light up when they do!  I am so thankful that I get to do this!   We have enjoyed focusing on a new character trait - HONOR.  We use the curriculum from Character First, and I am more than impressed with it!  There are games, stories, crafts and songs that all help the family to learn and focus on one character trait.  The kids can't wait for Bible each day, and I love the results that the consistent focus is bringing to our family!
My favorite thing this week...
We have all been cheering the newbie on as he is now officially standing up by himself.  He will stand for quite awhile but no steps so far.  (Thank you, Lord, for this extra time!) 

Things I'm working on....
I am trying with all my might to practice my violin more consistently.  I am also working on taking off a few pounds that the newbie forgot to take with him.  It would be soooo nice to accomplish a small weight loss goal before Thanksgiving!
I'm grateful for...
This week I have been especially thankful for our country's founding fathers.  How inspiring they are and what ideals they had! Our country was a great big experiment, and many people questioned whether it would last. I am grateful for the wisdom and determination of many great men that have made our country what it is.
I am thankful for all that our country has been and still is, and I am proud to be an American! 

I'm praying for...
I am still praying for our country particularly with the elections coming up next week. I am praying for those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  I am praying that God will give our family courage, wisdom and determination to face the matter what lies ahead.
That has been our week!  We are looking forward to the weekend - spending some time with a few friends and possibly a special family fun time on Sunday afternoon!  Don't forget to check out the Joyful Mom Monday post on Family Fun Nights!  I really need some ideas!  We will be linking up this Monday and would love for you to share inspiring Bible verses or quotes that have helped make you a more joyful mom!  Until then, have a beautiful weekend enjoying the little blessings God brings your way!

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