October 3, 2011

Be Not Weary in Well Doing

Do you ever become overwhelmed with life? It seems like we are pulled in so many different directions all the time, and we always say, "Next week won't be so bad." Then, the next week comes and goes, and it seemed busier than the last. There are many times that I just feel like quitting EVERYTHING! I walk through the house in my silent (or sometimes not so silent) rant, and I list all the things I am never doing again. "I will not cook another meal. I will not wash another load of laundry. I will not homeschool another second. I will not go to church another Sunday (yes, I've actually thought that...). I WILL sit on the couch and eat bon-bons and watch movies like everyone thinks a stay at home mom really does anyway!"

Thankfully, I have a wonderful gift called the Holy Spirit who quietly works in my heart and Who in a slightly annoying way will not let me sit on the couch with my Reese's Cups (because I don't really know what a bon-bon is, but I'm sure Reese's Cups are far better anyway). When I reach those points of being overwhelmed, I am always reminded of Galatians 6:9. "And let us not be weary in well doing:" I am reminded of my sweet Savior Jesus and how He walked and ministered to people every day all day. He was constantly surrounded by people who had needs but did not appreciate Him for Who He really was. Yet, He continued to give. He was tired and had no place to call His own. Yet, He continued to give. He knew the terrible things that lay ahead of Him. Yet, He continued to give. And even today, He continues to give...unconditionally and without becoming weary of us.

Then, the Holy Spirit gently reminds me that if I call myself a Christian, I am to be Christ-like. I cannot quit. Yes, there are times when I need to reevaluate my priorities and accomplish the most important things first. There are times when I need to say no so that I can minister more effectively. Many times, though, in my honest evaluations, I find that I have wasted a lot of time on things that are not of true importance.

So...guess what I am off to do right now? Get out of my chair, put away the Rolos (because I had no Reese's Cups), make a list of what needs to be done, prioritize it and get busy. Oh yeah....and I can do all this because I know the rest of Galatians 6:9 which I'll tell more about tomorrow!

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  1. Hey girl! good post! Been there, done that! :) Thanks for the reminder to "put one foot in front of the other" like one of the Patch songs the kids have been learning lately says! :) Oh, and I think Rolos or Reeses Cups are better than bon-bons too! :)