January 13, 2014

Joyful Mom Monday - Begin Again!

I love fresh starts!  That's why two of my favorite times of the year are the New Year and September (new school year).  This year my new year has begun a little late.  I wasn't quite ready for the New Year on New Year's Day, and so I used the excuse of having had a baby 3 weeks before to just put it off a little longer! :)  I did, in my mind, kind of make today the beginning of my "begin again."  So's been pretty much...a fail!  I wanted to straighten the house, catch up on the laundry and take down my Christmas decorations.  That really doesn't sound like that much until you throw six kids into the mix and remember that your postpartum check-up is in like 2 hours!!!  

So, I sit here at 4:30 with only 1 load of a laundry out of a possible 15 loads done!  The house was straightened until I remembered we needed to go somewhere whereupon everyone had to change clothes (keeping in mind most of the clothes are dirty) and mom had to spend time getting dressed (so of course everyone had time to make a mess as they entertained themselves).  The Christmas decorations are still up and may never come down.  BUT....I made it to the doctor with six children and was only 5 minutes late.  The doctor informed me that I was a terrific mom and even told the nurse that I was very well put together for being a mom of six.  My first thought...I'm not sure that was a compliment.  My second thought...if you could have only seen me an hour ago.  My third thought...if you could see my house right now!  

On the way home, as I was pondering the great depths of depression I was sinking into, I heard my kiddos laughing and looked into the rear view to see them all trying to watch Emmalyn who was apparently making a funny face in her sleep.  Then, I heard one of them say, "Emmalyn is getting so big already.  I'm glad we get to just sit and enjoy her."  That's when I was once again reminded of what is so important.  Life is passing by too quickly.  I need to enjoy the people who are a part of my life more. 

And so, my laundry may never be done.  We may be able to truly celebrate Christmas in July complete with Christmas lights and decorations, and I am 100% positive that my house will never be completely straightened again.  But I get the chance today to show my sweet mister and 6 little munchkins how much I love them. approximately 3:15 this afternoon I chose to begin again and this time to make sure I take the time to "just sit and enjoy" the blessings God has given me.  Don't worry...I also switched out the laundry! :)

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