December 13, 2012

Taking Time for Jesus

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:
for they shall be filled.  ~ Matthew 5:6

In all the rush and hurry of this wonderful time of year, it is easy to become consumed with the list of good things but to forget to tend to the heart issues. This week has been that way for me. It has been a busy week, spending more time away from home than usual. The newbie keeps playing tricks with me and will sleep well for a couple of nights and then does not sleep well for several nights (very frustrating when he is 1!). As usual, I have my idealistic, somewhat unrealistic, and extraordinarily high expectations of how we should be preparing for Christmas! :) Pile all that together, and guess what thing I have not done well this week? I have not really taken the time to spend time with my Friend Jesus...the One who is the reason for this special time. 

So, today, I determined that I would not let another day pass by with only a quick glance at a few verses and a rushed prayer to please help me get through this day. Why is it so easy to put our time with God at the bottom of the list? Why is it that everything else suddenly seems so much more important? As I am reading through the book of Matthew, I am reminded of how wonderful the Man Jesus was. He was human. He was tempted. He was tired. He was busy, yet His purpose was clearly seen in everything He did. His purpose was to glorify God and to point others to Him. He never became so consumed with other things or even other people that He had no time left for His Father.

It is a difficult thing to do - this dying to self. Sacrifice never comes easily, but it is required of a Christian. Do I really want to be different? Do I really want my light to shine? Do I have a true hunger and thirst for God and His Word that seems almost unquenchable? All of this requires sacrifice. It requires me to place my desires, my lists, even my needs underneath those of my Savior. This life of sacrifice asks me to surrender all to Him, but in exchange I receive an abundant, peace-filled, joyful life that no amount of money or memories or fun can give. Today, I have been reminded by my Friend that nothing is quite so sweet as my quiet time with Him. I am in awe of the thought that God, my Creator, and Jesus, my Savior, want to be with me. Thank You, Jesus, for Your unending, unconditional love that continues to call me even when I've become too busy with the wrong things. 

Wishing you a day full of blessings,

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