December 14, 2012

Do I See How Blessed I Am?

How blessed I am, and many times I do not even believe it.  I do not appreciate the blessings brought into my life.  Many times, I see things that God intended to be a blessing as a burden or an imposition in my life...blessings that I brush aside because they get in the way of where I wanted to be.  How very blessed I am with the life and love God has showered me with, yet how many times do I complain?  How many times do I wish things were different?  How many times do I turn God away with my ingratitude - whether it is intentional or not.  How blessed I am, but I tend to see all that I do not have instead of focusing on my already overflowing cup.  How blessed I am to know that I have a sovereign God who blesses me by never allowing some things in my life.  How many times have I been protected from an illness, an accident or a wrong relationship?  How blessed I am!  God, help me to see every day how blessed I am.  Help me, God, to appreciate every moment of life - whether it be full of good or full of pain.  Help me to remember, God, that You have allowed each and every moment into my life for a reason.  You have sifted each person, each problem, each good thing and chosen all of those for me and my life.  I may not know why, but I can trust You because You have already blessed me beyond anything I ever deserved.  

Praying for those today who are hurting in a way I can't imagine. Praying for sweet grace and comfort.  


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