November 10, 2011

Rambling Thoughts...

I have come to the conclusion that blogging during pregnancy is difficult - at least it has been for me during this pregnancy. It seems like life has so many more negatives than positives right now! I hate admitting this because I'm usually such a positive person, but even my facebook statuses have been few and far between because I'm trying to go by the motto, "If you don't have something good to say, then don't say anything at all!" But, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because of some small complications, we only have 10 more days left until we finally get to meet our chubby little miracle! Finally having a date set has helped me mentally and emotionally (yeah, I know what some of you are thinking!) get into baby preparation/excitement mode! I am trying to finish up some of my extra house cleaning this week. There are also still some carrots that need to be canned, and we are trying to diligently keep up with our school work. Knowing that we only have one more "work week" left is an amazingly great feeling.

Hopefully, by next Saturday, we will have all of the house work done and school books put away, so that Miss E and I can cook our Thanksgiving dinner and freeze it! Now, the Mr. thinks I am absolutely ludicrous for doing this, but I am such a traditionalist at heart! I was even able to talk my doctor into doing my c-section on Monday instead of Tuesday so that we could be home before Thanksgiving Day. I figure if the good doctor can work that out, surely, I can still manage a fairly decent Thanksgiving Day meal!

Earlier I mentioned putting away the school books. One of the things we are all looking forward to once the baby gets here is not doing any school work until after New Year's Day! Miss E and Mr. A are thrilled about this, and Mom is looking forward to the break too! We are still going to do our reading because Mr. A especially needs to keep up his practice, but we all enjoy reading time, and so we don't really count that as school! :)

We have lots to do these next ten days, but so much more to look forward to! It has been so much fun to hear the kids talk about their new brother or sister coming! I am so thankful that he/she is already so loved by the brothers and sisters! They have even asked if they could take some of their allowance and buy the baby a gift to give it at the hospital! So, we are going to do that sometime in the next ten days as well!

Thank you for reading through all my rambling thoughts in this post. I just thought I'd write for a few minutes while I had a chance. I think that now, I will go dust the living room and put out a few more fall decorations that I forgot I had!

I pray you all are also having a great time celebrating the month of Thanksgiving! There is so much we all have to be thankful for. I'm praying that God will continue to open my eyes each day to the little blessings He so graciously gives me even as much of my focus tends to be on the one big blessing coming in 10 days! :)

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