January 29, 2011

Attack of the "Sock Skin"

Thursdays and Fridays at the Lipskoch house are always exceptionally busy because we drive an hour (one way) so that I can teach elementary and high school choirs at our church's school. Believe me, many people think (and have informed me) that I am absolutely crazy to do this, but I do enjoy it. It gives me a chance to somewhat keep up with my vocal technique and to get out of the house a little. Saying all that to say this: the last two days have been busy!!! :)
On Thursday afternoon, I got home, and my two little ones, Garrett (3) and Madelyn (2), were very cranky and tired - made for a glorious evening!!! Garrett finally ended up being sent to his bed because of all his whining. As I was walking through the hall, I noticed his whining had changed to genuine crying, and so I went in to see what was wrong. When I asked him what was wrong, he VERY tearfully informed me that his foot hurt "really, REALLY bad!" I asked him why, and he told me because he took off his sock and there was "sock skin" on it. It took me forever to figure out what all this meant. After much explaining and tears from Garrett (and much hidden laughter from me), I discovered the fuzz that was left on his foot from his sock was the sock skin, and he was just too tired to deal with anything more. That sock skin was just killing him! Needless to say, we put the jammies on right away and sent him to bed before he had a complete mental breakdown! :)
It was quite humorous, and I must say, I was a good mom, and stepped outside the door, laughed my head off, and then came back and dealt with my little man's problem. It reminded me, though, of how many times, I make a huge deal out of things that really are nothing. I wonder how many times my Heavenly Father smiles a little at my stress over things that really are not important at all. But then, like a loving Father, He guides me through my "huge problem" and sees me safely to the other side where I can look back and clearly see where my imagination took over my faith! Poor Garrett, he really does come by it quite honestly...his mommy is very much the same way! I'm thankful for the "little blessing" of my Heavenly Father loving me despite my much exagerated moments, and I'm thankful for my "little blessing" named Garrett.

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  1. I love this blog! It IS funny and silly what we encounter raising our children. But it is very true that our Father encounters the same with his childen-us. It is Amazing and Humbling to realize His unending patience and love towards us when we are having a huge issue with small things. The way God 'parents' us is, i think, the BEST parent guide to follow. Oh to have the strength and calmness that He has, that is my goal! Thank you for ahring Christy, you have a gift with words and perspective. :)